Why Gaming is the Medium of the Future

Gaming presently occupies an extremely interesting place in the world. Currently, the gaming industry is one of the largest in the entire world, and only continues to grow with every passing day. Gaming didn’t always look like this though, there was a point where it was considered a medium for nerds and geeks exclusively, and it’s a very recent development that gaming has broken into the mainstream, let alone become the ‘cool’ thing to do.

But before analyzing the lofty heights that the modern gaming industry has managed to achieve, it is important to see where exactly we’ve come from, and when the relationship between modern gaming and technology really began. Before the advent of modern graphics and audiovisual technology, gaming was generally of board gaming type, or gambling type. However, in the early 2000s, when the internet really began to catch on, a lot of traditional games, such as poker, monopoly, and more.

It’s safe to say that videogames pretty much killed traditional games. While before, games existed for all ages, board games, and others for younger generations, and gambling style games for older generations. However, when the earliest videogames came out, they were considered simply child’s play. It wasn’t till the fifth generations of consoles, when the tech evolved to a certain point, was gaming starting to mature. Even still, it was not considered a woman’s medium by any stretch, and only in the past decade has it become fully acceptable for all to be a gamer.

However, despite this, there exists many games which were untouched by the advent of modern videogames, We are, of course, referring to the classic Indian game of satta, which has existed for an extremely long amount of time. Satta is a gambling sort of game, similar to a lottery in some ways, but not exactly the same. When technology evolved, and the internet began to eat up games left right and center, many hardcore fans feared the oncoming death of Satta at the hands of modern videogames.

However, instead of being overtaken, satta went an extremely different route than most traditional games. Instead of being taken over by online games and video games, satta used the newfound technology to its advantage. Longtime fans of the game leveraged the power of the game and made sites such as SattaKing, which allows people to track the results of various satta matkas across the nation. As a result the game flourished due to sites such as SattaKing, and the tradition of playing satta lived on in the wake of the internet and information age.

In conclusion, gaming has reached a point where it is widely accepted as a natural pastime in society, irrespective of age, or gender as it previously was. While gaming has killed the majority of traditional games, there are cases where it tends to bolster it as well, as seen in the case of satta. Gaming will of course continue to evolve, and reach new heights, hence why it is truly the medium of the future.

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