Why E-Commerce Will Never Kill Traditional Shopping

It should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that the age we currently reside in is known as the ‘information age’. Innovations are commonplace here, and it seems there is nothing which the internet has left untouched in today’s day and age. The internet’s reach is so vast, and vastly expanding that it has taken over so many things individually, with shopping being right at the front. This comes in the form of e-commerce, and spreads all the way from clothes, to books, to even groceries.

E-Commerce has taken over the world, with Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more being some of the most highly visited sites in the nation, and the world. The best part is, the list goes on, now with the advent of e-commerce plugins for content management systems, anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the internet can create their own e-commerce storefront, and start selling things which they are passionate about. Fact is, consumers prefer convenience over anything, and the advent of scrolling through a massive catalogue from the comfort of your own home, and having it personally delivered to you is too tempting a proposition for anyone on this earth to pass up.

However, as we know, it’s almost always the case that when there is good news, there is bad news as well. Much like the traditional gaming, print, and television industries with innovations like videogames, e-books, and Netflix before e-commerce, there is a huge buzz about traditional retail going dead in the forseeable future. As has been speculated so many times in the past, this prophecy may very well come true, at this point, all we can do is speculate.

However, it must not be forgotten that a great example of the old and the new working in tandem to create something truly wonderful exists in India itself. This is the old gambling game of Satta, which has been around for decades and decades now, and it was feared that the increasing accessibility and ease of internet and India would kill this fan favorite activity. However, thankfully, the information age was benevolent, and instead found a way to allow satta to continue to exist, and be complemented by the internet, instead of consumed by it. Now, sites such as SattaKing allow you to track the game online, while the tradition continues to flourish as always. We see the future of traditional stores going much of the same way if things remain as they are.

In conclusion, as history has shown time and time again, the internet can certainly bring many industries to their knees, but has trouble truly finishing them off, and we mean this in the best way possible, because be it satta, newspapers, or shopping in this case, there will always be people around whose best interest is to keep them around, guardian angels if you will. Perhaps a few centuries down the line we won’t have any more brick and mortar stores as we do today, but I wouldn’t count on that revelation as a lock.

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