Video Games vs. Traditional Games

Video gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Presently, games such as Fortnight and PUBG are all the rage, with their tournaments being more viewed than some major sporting events as well, however, how did we come here? It seems like not too long ago that people would be huddled around a board game like Monopoly with all the excitement that these more modern video games get today, with the question being, how did we come here? Over the course of this article, we will attempt to answer that question, and answer how these two can coexist.

Video gaming is taking over. More importantly, video gaming has come a long way. While earlier one could be excused for choosing a traditional game over a video game for reasons of immersion and social interaction, games now are some of the most diverse pieces of art you’ll find anywhere, and most also feature some kind of multiplayer function, allowing many gamers to enjoy at the same time. Video games are a fantastic medium, and one cannot truly take away from them as being a true, modern artform which has developed before our eyes. But in admitting this, there are a few truths we as a society need to face.

Fact is, traditional style games are dying, or for lack of a better word, are a sunset industry. Mostly what would drive sales for traditional games were younger generations, which have now been bit by the video gaming bug. Kids just aren’t buying games anymore in hard forms, because they can have all that and so much more from the comfort of their sofa and television, and to be honest, you can’t blame them.

However, there are a few types of gaming which break this general rule, and either have remained relevant as traditional games in an age of technology, or have instead found a way to incorporate elements of technology into a traditional game. An example of the former is the card game Uno, which remains to be relevant in its original, physical form despite it being ported to so many devices, and being available on app stores in some form or the other.

An example of the latter statement above is the traditional Indian gambling game of Satta. This game, without getting into too much detail, works kind of like a lotto. Traditionally having different hubs in different cities, the game lives on in full spirit today. However, where technology comes in is the site SattaKing which allows one to track the numbers and winnings from the comfort of their own home. This, without damaging the tradition of the game, has modernized it for a new generation to enjoy.

In conclusion, video games are the future of gaming, and one day, it will be one of the biggest industries in the world if it isn’t already. However, there are exceptions, and measures, such as the aforementioned SattaKing which allow both the worlds of traditional and modern games to coexist.

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