Top 5 ways to make money online!

Gone are the days when you browsed the internet and had to pay a huge amount of cash for internet plans. Now with the accessibility of cheap internet and its global reach you can earn real money online.

Let’s see now how we can earn real cash over the internet and can make our idle internet usage worthwhile.

1) Reward Box

Indian Rupee symbol, Reward Box logo

Reward box is an amazing site to earn free Paytm cash. Along with nationwide reach, the site has 1 lakh+ registered users.

You can visit the site, answer simple quizzes and earn Paytm cash. The quizzes don’t take much time but give you a chance to earn up to Rs. 100 as Paytm cash.

Users can play quizzes in different categories history, geography, science, information technology, etcUsers reviewed that not only they earn Paytm money but also learn new facts by playing quizzes. Its instant Paytm cash transfer policy makes Reward Box quite popular.

2) Satta king 

A pencil highlighting Satta king result sheet

Satta or gambling is a very popular game in India. Kalyanji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri in Mumbai made the game accessible to masses. The game has now changed from betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton in new york stock exchange to drawing 3 random cards from a pack of cards.

3 Random cards are drawn from a pack except for joker, queen, and king. Cards are arranged in ascending order to form a number. Those who have bet on the number win big. Rs. 9.5 and Rs. 1000 is the minimum and maximum bet respectively. Satta king remains the most popular site to play the game.

Being an online site, Satta king provides protection to betters from the police. Satta or online gambling i.e Satta king is still illegal in India. Some also argue that legalizing platforms like Satta king will increase the tax revenue for the state.

3) Taskbucks

TaskBucks logo with an info graphic

The Taskbucks application gives you Paytm and Mobikwik money to download a new application, unique right! The application pays you real Paytm, Mobikwik cash, and exciting rewards to try new applications.

Taskbucks currently has more than 32 million registered users on google play store. It asks users to complete certain tasks and share their experiences with users on the application.

You can refer the Taskbucks application to your friends and along with Paytm cash you can earn mobile recharges and postpaid bill payments. Even if you are an application developer. You can contact Taskbucks and get partnered with them to spread your content and applications with millions.

4)  Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy logo

Rummy is a very popular game of matching cards. Junglee rummy is the most popular site in the country to play rummy and win real money.

The player who forms a combination or a set before others win the game. Junglee Rummy has all rummy variants and provides perfect gameplay with zero waiting time to its users.

Players on their first deposit also get a massive bonus of Rs. 11,000. The site promotes responsible rummy play with predefined deposit limits so you don’t become a gambling addict.

It has world-class fair play policy and antI-fraud system backed by SSL secured systems. Junglee rummy’s instant withdrawal processing and zero withdrawing fees with 24 hours of customer support.

These all features make junglee rummy most popular online rummy game website in India with more than 50 lakh registered users.

Not only you can play live practice matches but can also participate in major tournaments to win real cash. Players can also earn real money by referring junglee rummy to friends and relatives.

5) Think Pe

A blue wallet with golden coins

This Android Application lets you earn Paytm Cash,  play games and more. You can transfer your earnings to Paytm. ThinkPe is a new application but is gaining massive popularity due to its utility. With ThinkPe you can play fun games on GamesZop.

You can reduce your withdrawal fee from Rs. 35 to Rs. 25 by becoming a VIP member. You can earn up to Rs. 1,000 by referring ThinkPe to your friends and family.

After creating the ThinkPe account you can complete simple tasks and participate in the contests daily to win Paytm cash.

You can join ThinkPe and explore all the latest and exclusive survey and apps and earn unlimited Paytm Cash.




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