How Gaming Has Evolved Over the Years

Videogames are truly the future, and there is no refuting that statement. Presently gamers are some of the most rabid yet respectful fan bases in the world, as demonstrated by the Fortnite tournament which was recent held. However, it’s important to realize the importance of history in this matter, and to see where exactly gaming has come from, in order to see where it can truly go if the full potential of the medium continues to be realized.

Games a long time ago to kids would simply be board games, and to adults, gambling. There were no such thing as a video game until devices such as the Atari 2600 or ZX Spectrum brought out the earliest variants of this (at the time at least) groundbreaking technology. Back then, games were not played often. Even with early games, they were relegated as merely distractions only for children, an image which videogames struggled with as late as the 2010s, shockingly enough. However, eventually, somewhere along the road, games got the respect they deserve.

Videogames have now taken over, and we are actually spoilt for choice as games with various consoles, genres, and developers exist, and now instead of being child’s play, people of all ages, races, and genders engage in the activity of videogames. Additionally, the medium has evolved to such an extent that games are now being seen as art forms, and while this doesn’t ring true for all the games which exist, some games can genuinely be considered works of art.

However, it goes without saying that there were many kinds of games which simply were too strong or proud to bend the knee to the internet. Some of these games just would not be the same if digitized, and instead choose to take this advancement of the internet, and simply use it to enhance the preexisting game with the help of new technology.

For an example to the statement made in the previous paragraph, look no further than SattaKing, an online site. But first, it’s important to understand what satta is. Satta is a traditional Indian gambling game which is somewhat similar to a lottery, but different enough to be its own game. It remains strong to this day despite being a physical game which needs to be played in a certain parlour. However, the modern gaming tech, namely the internet facilitated sites like SattaKing to exist, wherein the results of a certain satta can be tracked at any time, showing the old and new side of gaming side by side.

In conclusion, gaming has come a long way from its traditionalist roots, and since the industry of videogames is so large now, one can only imagine it will continue to grow, evolve, and adapt, with more and more users joining its journey along the way. For now, we can rejoice as those of us born after 2000 have witnessed this evolution of one of the coolest mediums today, and will continue to do so as it marches towards entertainment dominance.

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