E-Commerce Has Made the World Smaller

As we currently live in an era dominated primarily by one solitary invention, the internet. For an invention which is less than half a century old, the advancements in technology it has made on its own framework, and more importantly the advancements in other fields which it facilitates makes it so the internet has probably been the peak invention of human existence so far, right up there with the printing press, and steam engine. At this point though, it seems like the internet has found a way to creep its way into every facet of our life. From the food we get delivered, to the cabs we call, to the books we read, everything is online now.

However, shopping has surely been one of the most affected industries however, as the concept of E-commerce shook up the system dramatically, and really opened people’s eyes as to what the future of shopping is. E-commerce, popularized by Amazon no less makes it so users can view a catalogue of items on their respective device, compare, contrast, and choose, in order to eventually get said item delivered right to their doorstep. This monumental step up in the game that is shopping is going to influence an entire generation of young buyers. This is simply a testament to the fact that there isn’t a thing on this earth not made better with the internet. When it first came around however, many industries were threatened by its presence, but soon found the internet could enhance, and not just eclipse, take this example from India in a game called satta.

Things like traditional games, engrained deeply in our culture could not escape the grasps of the internet. Take the popular Indian gambling game Satta for example. Satta has long existed as one of the main gambling forms in India, and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future if things remain as they are. However, the arrival of the internet here threatened satta, since it could easily be replaced by more money games in a far more accessible format. However, instead of eclipsing the overwhelming popularity of the game, sites such as SattaKing were created, which didn’t emulate the game, but enhanced the experience of playing it as a whole. This is exactly what e-commerce does, you’ll always have the option to visit a mall and try on a shirt, but having the ability to do it from the comfort of your home is certainly a point of comfort.

In conclusion, e-commerce is truly one of the coolest ever implementations of the internet into a preexisting industry, and to be honets, it’s a little shocking that it took so long to reach the world of shopping in the first place. As with satta, shopping is certainly something which is enhanced, and not eclipsed by the advent of the internet, and we’re all excited to see where else this technology can be taken with regards to industries both old and new alike.

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