E-Commerce, Blessing or Curse?

One of the most universal truths of today’s day and age is that the internet is in the process of evolving every facet of life we currently use in a normal, more manual way so to speak. The automation of everyday tasks such as paying a bill, or watching a film makes society completely different than how people just a few generations past were experiencing, perhaps which is what makes the present lifestyle a jarring change from just under half a century ago.

Digging through the tens of thousands of ways in which the advent of the internet has changed the way in which we live, E-Commerce stands out as a particularly strange one. It seems like just a few years ago ordering things online was considered ‘too risky’ or ‘too unreliable’, but now, the success stories of large corporations such as Myntra, Flipkart, and the ubiquitous, constantly looming presence of Amazon has proven that something has changed in the past half-decade when it comes to E-commerce, and the ways in which we shop.

It’s important to note, however, that with the increasing popularity of e-commerce, we are seeing both a sizeable and noticeable decrease in the interaction and sales of traditional types of shopping, most notably, the brick and mortar kind. While a few decades back families and friends would flock to malls at the turn of seasons in anticipation for the new goodies, now, we simply log on online, and everything is at our fingertips. While it’s undeniable that the convenience of e-commerce is greatly appreciated, something must be said about the fact that we will truly lose a special part of our history should all types of shopping become utterly digitized.

However, if we were to turn to a place where instead of the internet taking over, and destroying a more traditional medium, it uses its power to enhance it, and make it more accessible and useful to a wider audience. I am of course referring to the Indian game of satta, a traditional money game which is enjoyed to this day despite the influence of the modern internet being in India for over two decades now. Currently, sites such as SattaKing have, instead of digitizing the game, have complemented it. Specifically on SattaKing itself, people can view the results of various satta games over the nation, making it a situation where the worlds of traditional and technology live in harmony.

We very much see E-commerce going the very same way as the aforementioned game of satta, and it’s companion site SattaKing, as instead of eliminating the rather traditional and very honestly entertaining activity of shopping, it can instead be complemented by the advent of E-commerce, to a point where both of them live in harmony, as opposed to seemingly being at war with one another, as they appear nowadays. All in all, maybe two decades down the line we will live in a world wherein E-commerce and traditional shopping can coexist with one another.

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