E-Commerce and an Exercise in Technological Evolution

It goes without saying that technology has changed our lives. However, the world ‘technology’ is an extremely broad, umbrella type term, and could refer to any number of things. To be more specific, the internet is one of the major technological innovations in history, and perhaps, has debatably evolved the way we live in more ways than any other innovation in history. It seems as this point as though technology hasn’t let a single means of our existence untouched.

One of the major ways in which we can see this is the advent of E-Commerce, changing the way we shop. Nowadays, unlike a few decades ago, one can simply view a vast, seemingly infinite catalogue online of products of many natures, categories, brands, and preferences. Upon selection and addition to our cart, we can simply order as many items as we please, pay through an online gateway, and a few days or so later, fresh items arrive straight to our doorstep. The convenience is unbelievable to someone over the age of 20, as something truly groundbreaking has taken place, the litmus test for which so far has been E-Commerce.

Nowadays, E-Commerce has all but killed what we traditionally referred to as ‘shopping’. Only a fraction of shoppers actually shop in the most physical sense of the word, while others simply indulge in the act of E-Commerce, and who can blame them. The convenience offered by E-Commerce is enough reason for traditional shopping to be put to rest, perhaps for good. And this sentiment can be reflected in most walks of life, such as transportation (uber), communication (messaging), and food delivery (zomato), have all but swallowed up our previous perception of what it meant to do things the more ‘manual’ way.

However, there are many disciplines in the world today, be it for entertainment or serious purposes, have remained untouched by the claws of technology and the internet, or have adapted their traditionalist roots to conform to the modern luxuries we possess as a society. Take the traditional Indian gambling game of Satta for example. A game which has been played for centuries at this point. The arrival of the internet seriously threatened the advent of satta, and many longtime fans of the game eagerly awaited the new ‘online satta’ while others dreaded its arrival, fearing the game will be watered down for mainstream, newer generations. However, both were wrong as the arrival of the internet heralded sites like SattaKing, a service allowing one to track the results of various sattas around India. SattaKing is a prime example of how technology can help traditional things to evolve, rather than putting them to bed permanently.

To recap, technology has changed so many facets of our life by sheer power of evolution, both constantly, and persistently. While a few things will never change, and will simply evolve, such as Satta and the introduction of SattaKing, it’s safe to expect that no matter what, as technology continues to evolve, so will we as a society, and there’s no questioning that.

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